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Short but good post from ThirdParent. Two sites concern me the most in this post. First, it’s very hard not to see porn on tumblr. If it isn’t illegal it’s OK it seems. Yahoo buying it has toned things down a bit buy restricting certain search terms but your kid might become more familiar than you want them to be with hard core stuff on tumblr. On the other hand, how can you really stop them from going there?

Snapchat like any chat system gives me concerns. A lot of time chats are posted on social media sites which means you have no idea who is going to show up. Also, real time chats with strangers is a good way to be harassed or bullied so kids should be told to block anyone that is getting out of control. A bully wants attention. If you fight them online then they already won because they got that attention and distracted from whatever you wanted to accomplish.

At least a handful of times per week, I have a conversation with another parent about what ThirdParent does, why it’s important and how that other parent thinks about what her kids are doing on the internet and social media.

via Kayla Doesn’t Have a Facebook | ThirdParent.

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